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Professional in Computer Application

Basic Computer Application:

Computer Basic Course for Beginners

The course of Basic if you are beginner who has never worked on Computer or don’t know how to maintain a computer or operate the computer. We provide Computer Course for beginners. During training, we focused on your practice growth rather than theory. After learning this course, you will clear with all the fundamental aspects of programming which will help immensely in your professional career.Also check out Some Best Courses for get job easily.

This course includes the following topics

☑ Fundamentals of computer

This topic introduces computer systems and provides a foundation of a computing system . you must develop a mental model of a computing system which comprises hardware and software. this topic includes:- Definition, History, Generation, Characteristics, Types & Applications, Advantages & dis-advantage of computer, Overview of a computer system, Definition of Hardware,Input Unit: Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner etc,CPU: Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), Control Unit (CU), Memory Unit (MU),Output Unit: Monitor, Printer etc,Storage Devices: Primary & Secondary Memory (Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, compact disk, DVD, Flash Disk etc),Others: Network Card, Modem, Sound Card etc, Definition & types of Software etc.

☑ MS Dos

Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS DOS):This topic includes Internal Commands, External Commands, Batch File, Wild Cards,Display file contents in DOS window,Create text files in DOS,Add single lines of text to a file,Change Directories Drives,Print a file through DOS,Create directories.Send directory listing to a printer or file etc.

☑ Ms Windows & Accessories

☑ Ms Word

You can create all kinds of official documents in Microsoft Word. Such as:- letters,tests,assignments,resume etc….. you’ll use the template function in Microsoft to download letterhead samples, bills, and cash memos, joining letters, receipts, letterheads, and all various varieties of accounts management related work.
You can send an email by using a mail merge that helps you to send one document to thousands of individuals with name and address.
The use of Microsoft Word in official works is basically easy and productive aside from the other data processing software. It’s help to manage daily life official works.

☑ Ms Excel

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software. That means it’s used to create Data recovery and spreadsheets, numbers and formulas specifying calculations. It’s extremely valuable for many businesses, which use it to record expenditures and income, plan budgets, chart data. This topic includes:- Basics of Spreadsheet; Manipulation of cells; Formulas and Functions; Editing of Spread Sheet, printing of Spread Sheet, Analyzing and storing data, Mathematical formulas make your work easier, Keep data combined at one location and making pivot tables etc.

☑ Ms Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software which is basically used for create any types of presentations. This topic includes:- Modify presentation themes,Add and edit text to slides,Add new slides to a presentation, Insert clipart images and shapes to slides,Insert and modify tables and charts,Add sound and video to a slide presentation. Insert and edit animations and slide transitions, Display a speaker-lead and self-running presentation etc.

☑ Internet & Multimedia

☑ Email & Messaging

☑ Introduction to DOS command

☑ Introduction to Windows Control Panel

☑ Installing & Uninstalling Software and Applications

☑ eTest

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