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Each year people are getting more interested in join Online Computer Courses. For the reason Because it is affordability and flexible schedule, Distance Learning are preferred in the current education trend. It becomes the popular way of delivering knowledge across all over people. Here’s the Best Online Computer Course in Ludhiana Enroll for Online Computer Training.
And, most of the Online Computer Course learners are full time workers, who want to upgrade their knowledge further and strive to have better position and salary in their career.

No Other Critical Situations and Distance can you stop  for learning!! We offers you all for getting Online Computer Training. We offered Our Computer Courses Online for those who want to learn online, Get training from Home, or can’t come for offline training.

Distance doesn’t matter for Learning, Now you can get Your Computer Courses Online.

Online Computer Course in LudhianaAdvantages of Online Learning:-

  • Online courses are self- Learning. Means, it has flexible schedule. The learners can study at their own time and place. This is one of the advantage of distance education, no formal class and time.
  • It’s affordable and easy to register. Online courses bring much cheaper than the regular one. No travel, accommodation and outfit expenses when taking distance course.
  • It is not restricted geographically. Distance doesn’t matter you can learn wherever you want.
  • The biggest advantage of enrolling in an online study programme is the adaptability and comfort associated with studying in your own home.

Join this Online Computer Course in Ludhiana, it’ll be up-to-date with the latest technology. We believe you would prefer learning from professionals and experienced trainers.

What we offer:

Advance Basic:-

Online Basic Computer Course

The course of Basic if you are beginner who has never worked on Computer or don’t know how to maintain a computer or operate the computer. We provide Computer Course for beginners. During training, we focused on your practice growth rather than theory. Now, You can get this course(Computer Basic Course for Beginners) Online.

This course includes the following topics:-

☑ Fundamentals of computer

☑ MS Dos

☑ Ms Windows & Accessories

☑ Ms Word

☑ Ms Excel

☑ Ms Powerpoint

☑ Internet & Multimedia

☑ Introduction to Windows Control Panel

☑ eTest

Advance Excel:-

online Advance excel training

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software. That means it’s used to create Data recovery and spreadsheets, numbers and formulas specifying calculations. It’s extremely valuable for many businesses, which use it to record expenditures and income, plan budgets, chart data. Now You can get this course Online.

This course includes the following topics:-

☑ Worksheet & Formats

☑ Conditional Formatting

☑ Formulas & Functions

☑ Sort/Filter/Charts

☑ Pivot Table & Macros

☑ Data Validation/Lookup

Accounting with Tally Prime/ERP 9:-

This Course is helpful for you become a Professional in Financial Accounting. Our Centre has become a Best Tally Training Institute in Ludhiana because of giving best Training and Education in Computer Courses.it’s true that accounting is most important thing as an essential part of the business world. By understanding accounting, you can understand how a business makes money; we are making you a complete professional in accounting and your goals. Now you can get this Course Online.

This course includes the following topics:-

☑ Accounting Concepts, Terms Principles, Rules, Definitions

☑ Maintaining Book Keeping (Journal, Ledger, Voucher Maintenance)

☑ Preparation Subsidiary Book (Sale Register, Purchase Register,Returns)

☑ Preparation Depreciation Account

☑ Rectification of Errors

☑ Calculation various interest (Drawing, Capitals, Assets)

☑ Final Accounts (With Adjustment, Without Adjustment)

Computerized Accounting

☑ Overview about Tally Prime & ERP9,Voucher Filing

☑ Reports Printing,Reports Exporting(Excel,Html)

☑ Checking,Analyzing Report(Ledger,Trial Balance,Monthly,Chart Etc.)

☑ Data Backup & Restore

☑ Inventory Management(Maintain Go-Down Details, Stock Reports)

☑ Introduction and GST & GST Return Filings

☑ Extra Features & Configuration

☑ eTest

Graphic Designing:-Online graphic designing course in ludhiana

Ntech Computer Education provides the Best Graphic Designing Course in Ludhiana and knowledge of various types of art and design. The most important salient feature of this institute is that is no age block and it offers an opportunity to develop personnel in various professions. We mainly focus on providing personalized attention and the best education for our students. Also, we aim to create a friendly and comfortable environment to work in, which helps our students to perfect in their work.  It also able to offers great job opportunities in different fields of entertainment and technology. Now you can get this course Online.

This course includes the following topics:-

☑ Corel Draw

☑ Line Illustration

☑ Logo Level Designing

☑ Print Media Work

☑ Adobe Photoshop

☑ Photo Editing

☑ Desktop Designing

☑ Templates

☑ Projects

Full-Stack Web Development:-

full stack web development course in ludhiana

Full Stack web development is enough tone- explicatory. It is a process to develop a Website. On top of the layers of Full Stack Development mentioned over, Full Stack Web Development would also intertwine networking, hosting, and server-related constituents.
Full Stack Web Development is a process of development of both Front End(client side) and Back End(server side) portions of any Web Application. Learn more about Full Stack Web Development Course.  Now You can get this course Online.

This course includes the following topics:-



☑ Java Script

☑ Dream Weaver

☑ PHP/Wordpress/Bootstrap

☑ My SQL

☑ Ajax

☑ Web Tools

☑ Project (Live)

C & C++ Programming Language:-

online c and c++ training in ludhiana

Many beginning programmers will learn C before C++ thanks to the straightforwardness of the language. As a procedural language, it’s often easier for beginners to understand . it’s an easier language with fewer options and, consequently, it is a solid introduction to programming. From C, many programmers either advance to Java or C++. By learning C first, programmers can become acclimated to the procedural side of the language then learn object-oriented programming through C++. C++ is more complicated than C and may be overwhelming for a beginner. Now you can get Online Computer Course in Ludhiana.

This course includes the following topics:-

☑ Overviews of  C & C++

☑ Variables,Constants

☑ Operators  & Expressions

☑ Control Structure

☑ Arrays

☑ Functions

☑ Pointers

☑ Classes & Objects

☑ Reference

☑ Dynamic Memory Allocation

☑ Introduction to OOPS

☑ Constructor & Destructors

☑ Function Overloading

☑ Operators  Overloading

☑ Inheritance

☑ Virtual Functions

☑ Abstract Classes

☑ File Handling

☑ Project Work & Viva

☑ eTest

JAVA Programming Language:-

online java language course in ludhiana

After learning this course thoroughly with practical we move to all or any programming & application of computer and learn all its fundamentals. We are always provides a determined commitment to our trainee that we offer them best Java training & it is the best Java training institute overall, and after completing of your Java educational program we’ll provide you your Java Training certificate which is fully eligible for both national also as international level. This the Best Java Training Institute for software development and make your career in programming. This is also Best Course for get job in Programming.

This course includes the following topics:-

☑ Overview of Java

☑ OOPs Concepts

☑ Data Types variables & arrays

☑ Operators, Classes & Methods

☑ Server Socket

☑ Interfaces & Abstract classes

☑ Servlets

☑ Java

☑ Oracle 10g, 11g

☑ JSP (Net Beans)

☑ Applets,Complete AWT,Event Handling,

☑ Swing

☑ Web Services

☑ Project (Live)

Python Programming Language:-

online python training in ludhiana

Python is a programming language that interpreted, interactive, object- oriented and extended. Its philosophy of design emphasizes the readability of the code, and It’s programming structure allows programmers to precise concepts in fewer lines of code than in languages like C ++ or Java. Python supports many programming models, including object-oriented programming, deterministic programming, and functional or procedural methods. It contains dynamic system and automatic memory management and features a large standard library. Now you can get this course Online.

This course includes the following topics:-

☑ Introduction to Python Programming Language

☑ Python Data Type & Input/Output

☑ Operators and Expressions

☑ Control Structures

☑ Python Native Data Types

☑ Python Function

☑ Python Modules

☑ Exception Handling

☑ File Management in Python

☑ Classes and Object

☑ Python with Mysql

Digital Marketing Training:-

online digital marketing training in ludhiana

We at Ntech Computer Education understand the demand of today’s market and therefore have decided to give training in the field of Digital Marketing. We provides Best Digital Marketing Course in Ludhiana.Also check out some Best Digital Marketing Institute.In today’s highly competitive market, if you want to survive and be successful, then you have to leave behind the traditional marketing and learn the new concept of Digital Marketing. Now you can get Online Computer Course in Ludhiana.

This course includes the following topics:-

☑ Introduction to Digital Marketing

☑ Introduction to WordPress & CMS

☑ Copywriting

☑ Content Marketing

☑ Web Designing & Branding

☑ Search Engine Optimization

☑ Google Maps & Google Maps Listing

☑ Social Media Marketing

☑ Social Media Advertising

☑ Email Marketing

☑ Affiliate Marketing

☑ Facebook Advertising/ Instagram Ads

☑ YouTube and Video Marketing

☑ Google Adwords and PPC Advertising