Special Skilled Courses

Solo Computer Course for Beginners

These are especially solo skilled courses on programming & special training given on the individual subjects:-

if you’re in the field of Information Technology. Actually this language is a vital part of our academics in colleges but nobody really gives it the importance it deserves. Starting from the very basic we slowly builds towards all the advance level of programming & computer Application. After learning this course thoroughly with practical we move to all programming & application of computer and learn all its fundamentals.

☑ Advance Basic 

☑ C,C++

☑ Corel Draw

☑ Photoshop

☑ C Sharp


☑ .Net


☑ Oracle 10G

☑ Advance DOS  & Windows (XP,7,8,10)

☑ Linux(Ubuntu)

☑ Auto Cad

☑ 3Ds Max

☑ Digital Marketing Course

☑ Python

☑ Video Mixing

☑ Hardware & Networking