Spoken English Classes

Today, English is spoken around the world, by over an area of a billion people and as a Second language by many millions more. The complexities and variations in spoken English come from the aptitude of the language to include new words from other languages into its lexicon to form it comfortable.However, of these complexities and variations lay a standard pronunciation that’s accepted and understood commonly. it’s our venture at Ntech Spoken English Institute to teach our students to defuse all variations, in order that they can speak and understand general spoken English which can aid them to be champion in their academic and business ventures, whether abroad or in India.English may be a universal language, as it is widely used all around the world. It unites people from all parts of the planet as it is a very important means of communication. Out of all modules of English, Spoken English is widely utilized in educational institutes, offices, social gatherings in many other situations. to form people desire as an area of their personality Spoken English is used at Spoken English Classes in Giaspura Ludhiana – Ntech Spoken English Institute offer courses for school students, college students, job aspirants and people who want to find out this language. We start training people consistent with their level. It improves fluency, vocabulary, and grammar. Our main emphases are on interactive classes. It helps students to be confident while speaking ahead of others.

Some insights into the course

English Speaking Courses in Ludhiana


Grammar Aspects

Grammar is an important aspect to find out a language. It helps the learners to get good grips of language and build confidence. the main motive of this programe is to form the learner become fluent in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing English. Our course includes  Group Discussions, Debates, Conversations, Role Plays and large Fight.

Personality Development

Soft Skills are necessary to achieve this competitive world. the main motive of this program is to supply the learner with the skill set of speechmaking , Presentation Skills, Goal Setting, Time Management, Mind Management, interview techniques, e-mail Writing and Verbal and Non-Verbal communication.


Vocabulary is one among the foremost important skills necessary for learning a language. It supports to develop all other skills. the main motive of this program is to enhance learners vocabulary in their plan to use English effectively.

Interpersonal Skills 

This topic helps you improve your professional communication in English for successful business interactions. Each course focuses on a specific area of communication in English: writing emails, speaking at meetings and interviews, giving presentations, and networking online. Whether you would like to speak to potential employers, employees, partners or clients, better English communication can assist you achieve your language and professional goals. The Capstone course will focus especially on making those important connections to require your career or business to subsequent level. Make yourself more competitive by improving your English through this topic: Improve Your English Communication Skills.

Public Speaking 

Today, the fear of speaking in public is the reason why students or aspirants are unable to be confident. So, this course provides a wonderful platform for the students to overcome their fear of public speaking.


Correct Pronunciation with proper accent is the prime thing in this competitive era. So, what are you waiting for Join today NTECH Spoken English Institute for the enrolment of this course and enhancing your skills and facing the world.

Speaking Topics

In this course, the students talk about different topics that boost their English fluency with that it overcomes their hesitation.

Activities on Alternate days

To make English speaking a little bit fun , Educational activities are performed so that students can enjoy their study and learn. Our Course include various educational activities such as Role Play, Debate, Conversions, Group Discussions and many more.

General Questions

General Questions are the key aspect for students as it will be easier for students to converse about day-to-day activities, it upgrades their English fluency and thought structure.


IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the Language ability of candidates who need to study, work or migrate where English is the language of communication. IELTS is considered by numerous universities in many countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

The IELTS test is of two types
  • General IELTS- This test is applied by those aspirants who are going abroad via work or migration visa.
  • Academic IELTS- This test is applied by those aspirants who are going abroad via student visa
  • There are 4 modules in IELTS

  • The evaluation of bands is done separately on the scale of 0-9 bands for each module. This test is valid for two years.