Professional in Desktop Publishing

Professional in Graphic Designing

The Graphic Designing course is suitable for candidates who are passionate about and have skills in creativity and visual communication. However, our best graphics designing course includes creativity, software, and science behind the design.

Ntech Computer Education provides the Best Graphic Designing Course in Ludhiana and knowledge of various types of art and design. The most important salient feature of this institute is that is no age block and it offers an opportunity to develop personnel in various professions. We mainly focus on providing personalized attention and the best education for our students. Also, we aim to create a friendly and comfortable environment to work in, which helps our students to perfect in their work.  It also able to offers great job opportunities in different fields of entertainment and technology.The programme covers various aspects of animation, visual effects, graphics designing, vedio games, paintings, cartoons, games etc. The people learn different tools and methods to create animated visuals and high-quality graphics for games, movies, television shows and extra. These courses are also required in the technical field to design graphics for websites and blogs. This course provides you better job opportunities. This Course is also helpful for get job on the basis of best Computer Courses(Best Computer Course to get Job).

This course includes the following topics

☑ Corel Draw

☑ Line Illustration

☑ Logo Level Designing

☑ Print Media Work

☑ Adobe Photoshop

☑ Photo Editing

☑ Desktop Designing

☑ Templates

☑ Projects