Professional in Financial Accounting

Professional in Financial Accounting

To meet the industry demand for Tally ERP9 and Tally Prime trained professionals and before tally, we introduced what is accounting and what the purpose to maintain accounting. All the basic terms of accounting we clarify with GST. This Course is helpful for you become a Professional in Financial Accounting. Our Centre has become a Best Tally Training Institute in Ludhiana because of giving best Training and Education in Computer Courses. It’s true that accounting is most important thing as an essential part of the business world. By understanding accounting, you can understand how a business makes money; we are making you a complete professional in accounting and your goals.

This Course(Professional in Financial Accounting) on financial accounting is to empower the current and next generation employees to contribute in a greater measure to their work while finding personal success.

This course includes the following topics:

☑ Accounting Concepts, Terms Principles, Rules, Definitions

☑ Maintaining Book Keeping (Journal, Ledger, Voucher Maintenance)

☑ Preparation Subsidiary Book (Sale Register, Purchase Register, Returns)

☑ Preparation Depreciation Account

☑ Rectification of Errors

☑ Calculation various interest (Drawing, Capitals, Assets)

☑ Final Accounts (With Adjustment, Without Adjustment)

Computerized Accounting

☑ Overview about Tally Prime & ERP9,Voucher Filing

☑ Reports Printing,Reports Exporting(Excel,Html)

☑ Checking,Analyzing Report(Ledger,Trial Balance,Monthly,Chart Etc.)

☑ Data Backup & Restore

☑ Inventory Management(Maintain Go-Down Details, Stock Reports)

☑ Introduction and GST & GST Return Filings

☑ Extra Features & Configuration

☑ eTest